World Y-DNA frequencies

Neohumanid mutative history

Y- Population tree

DNA studies

  • G (L116) Became an important lineage in Southwest Asia +15,000years ago
    • G (L833) The minor branch, emerged in the Trans-Caucasus +10 kya
    • G (L79) This lineage is the Western branch that emerged between Anatolia & the Western Caucasus
      • G (P15) Accounts for the majority of G 
        • G (P16) A primary lineage in the Northwestern Caucasus region
        • G (L223) A very small Anatolian lineage
        • G (L30) This population prospered in the Neolithic & accounts for the majority of G males
          • G (M406) Represents recent historic population movements out of Anatolia
          • G (L141) An out of Anatolia Neolithic marker
            • G (P303) The most predominant G population encompassing the majority of G
            • G (L177) Represents an early divergence in the Neolithic migration out of Anatolia 
      • G (M287) This very small minority in Turkey represents a less felt L79 expansion in Anatolia
      • G (M377) A very small minority that expanded out of the Levant in the Neolithic, found in a minority of Ashkenazis & Indo-Iranians