World Y-DNA frequencies

Neohumanid mutative history

Y- Population tree

DNA studies

  • N (M231) The Mesolithic marker of expansion in North Asia
    • N (LLY22g) The most dominant lineage of M231
      • N (M128) Represents the Eastern most expansion in Eastern Siberia, Mongolia, Beringia, Manchuria, marker of Nordid intrusion in Korea
      • N (P43) The Ultra Nordid marker of Northern Siberia
      • N (P63) The Eastern Ultra Nordid population of Siberia
        • N (L665) Ultra Nordid marker in Finland & Karelia
        • N (L666) Ultra Nordid marker in Karelia & Russia
    • N (M46) The most successful lineage of M231 enjoys predominance in various Nordic regions in Eurasia
      • N (M178) The Ultra Nordid Mesolithic marker of Nordic Europe & the Yakutian regions of Siberia
        • N (P21) marker of the Omogoj Turkic tribe in Yakutia
        • N (P67) Predominant lineage amongst Turkic speakers in Yakutia
        • N (P119) Siberian lineage
        • N (L708) The Finno-Ugric marker, marker of Finnic substratum amongst Indo-Europeans in Nordic Europe
          • N (L708*) Finnids that didn't enter Europe in the Mesolithic
          • N (L1026) Exclusively Finno-Nordid Marker, enjoys predominance in Nordic Finland
            • N(L550) A lineage established in Scandinavia, Baltic Europeans, a Varganian marker in Southern Europe
            • N (1022) Finno-Karelian lineage
            • N (1032) Kazakh lineage
    • N (L727) A Siberian marker that was spread in historic times in the Balkans