The Ghassanid Christians: An Isolated Sabaean population in Lebanon

Malouf et al. 2008

In this study we identify the original genetic makeup of the Ghassanid Christians by sampling 40 unrelated males descended from Yemeni Kahlani tribes that share a tribal origin with the Ghassanid Christians of Lebanon & compare them to samples collected from 29 Lebanese Christian Ghassanid families, we strictly focused on the Sabaean Kahlani tribal population from the region surrounding Marib & avoided sampling:

  • Naqayl & Dakhayl: Recent settlers from other tribes.
  • Akhdam: Low caste descended from the ancient Aksumite invasion & Slave trade.
  • Mazayana: Low caste descended from the Gypsies, Iranians & Indians.
  • Muwaladi & Mukhalati: Populations that mixed with either of the above.
(Malouf et al. 2008)