Twelve-Locus Y-STR Haplotypes in the Flemish Population

Maesschalck et al. 2005

POPULATION: One hundred and thirteen unrelated Flemish men from Belgium. The Flemish are the Dutch-speaking population of the northern part of Belgium and make up 60% of the population. Estimated figures for present-day Americans with Flemish roots amount to more than 1 million. We performed a population genetic study on 113 unrelated Flemish males, who were typed for 12 Y chromosome STRs (DYS19, DYS385 a/b, DYS389 I, DYS389 II, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393, DYS437, DYS438 and DYS439). With these 12-locus haplotypes, we deduced the corresponding haplogroup using Whit Athey’s Haplogroup Predictor. This yielded the following distribution, typical for a population with northwest European origin: Haplogroup R1b 56.6%, Haplogroup I 28.3%, Haplogroup J 6.2%, Haplogroup E3b 4.4%, Haplogroup G 3.5%, and Haplogroup L 0.9%. Gerhard Mertens, Ph.D. 1 ; Els Jehaes, Ph.D. 1 ; Gitte Leijnen, M.Sc. 1 ; Steven Rand, Ph.D. 1 ; Werner Jacobs, Ph.D. 1 ; and Eric Van Marck, Ph.D. 1 1 Forensic DNA Laboratory, Antwerp University Hospital, B-2650 Edegem, Belgium Correspondence to Additional information and reprint requests: Gerhard Mertens, M.D. Forensic DNA Laboratory Antwerp University Hospital Wilrijkstraat 10 B-2650 Edegem Belgium E-mail: Copyright Copyright © 2007 by American Academy of Forensic Sciences KEYWORDS forensic science • population genetics • short tandem repeat • Y chromosome • haplotype • DYS19 • DYS385 • DYS389 I • DYS389 II • DYS390 • DYS391 • DYS392 • DYS393 • DYS437 • DYS438 • DYS439 • Flemish • Belgium