Study of Y-chromosomal STR Loci in Singapore Chinese

Tang et al. 2005


Singapore is a multi-ethnic society with 3 main resident populations: Chinese (76%), Malay (13.7%), and Indian (8.4%). The ancestors of most of the present-day Singapore Chinese were migrants from the southern provinces (Fujian, Guangdong) of China. Significant differences are known to exist in YSTR allele frequencies between population groups. It is, therefore, important to type the relevant population group in Singapore prior to their use in forensic casework Results 1. Most common haplotype was observed in 5 (2.4%) individuals. 2. Overall haplotype diversity was 99.8% while discrimination capacity was 86.8%. 3. Allelic frequencies of Singapore Chinese were grossly similar to that found in China Han population[1]. 4. Distinct differences were observed between Singapore Chinese and UK Europids[2]. 5. DYS385: Chinese showed several alleles not observed in Europids and vice versa. 6. DYS393: Chinese had dominant allele 12 (~50%) whereas Europids had dominant allele 13 (81%). 7. DYS19: Chinese had dominant allele 15 (~50%) while Europids had dominant allele 14 (70%). 8. DYS438: Chinese had dominant allele 10 (~63%) whereas Europids had dominant allele 12 (62%).