Analysis of Y-STR Loci in a Population Sample from Northeast China

Wang et al. 2009

POPULATION: A total of 141 unrelated Chinese Han male individuals living in Liaoning in northeast China Xiuling Wang, Ph.D. 1 and Toshiko Sawaguchi, M.D., Ph.D. 1 1 Department of Legal Medicine, School of Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Tokyo, Japan. Correspondence to Additional information and reprint requests: Xiuling Wang, Ph.D. Department of Legal Medicine School of Medicine Tokyo Women's Medical University 8-1, Shinjuku-ku Kawada-cho, Tokyo Japan E-mail: KEYWORDS forensic science short tandem repeat Y-chromosome haplotype Han population Liaoning of northeast China DNA typing population genetics DYS389I DYS389II DYS439 DYS438 DYS392 DYS393 DYS19 DYS390 DYS391 DYS385