A predominantly Semitic origin of Halpgroup J1 (M267) in North Africa

Yonan et al. 2008

Northwest Africa & the HOA, both regions that provide a suitable region for examination of the demographic impact of the semitic speakers in contrast to non semitic speakers, because its complex recent history of both regions involved a permanent co-existence of two different populations with distinct geographical origins and their own particular languages -North African berbers and Somali/Oromo speakers in contrast to Arabic/Amharic semitic speakers. To address this issue, we analyzed Y chromosome haplotypes of 735* Semitic & non-Semitic speaking males from Northwest Africa & the HOA. While the data clearly shows that the bigger portion of the Semitic population adapted their haplotypes from the native genepool it also shows a minor contribution into the non-semitic speaking north Africans.

Results: J1-M267 frequency shows a positive correlation with Ethno-Semitic populations

Semitic Speakers

Non-Semitic Speakers

*Data obtained from: Arredi et al. (2004), Bosch et al. (2001) Cruciani et al. (2002), Semino et al. (2004), Sanchez et al. (2005) 
J1-M267 - Semitic origin - Cohen - Jew - Amhara - Arabia - Arabic - North Africa - Berber - Somali - Ethiopia - Arredi - Tofanelli - The Genetic Atlas